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Browse our phenomenal selection of hardwood & bamboo floors from Shaw Floors, Somerset, Impressions & Floorte.

Hardwood flooring | Frazee Carpet & Flooring
Flooring at its Finest

Hardwood flooring is an investment, both in the beauty of your home and in its overall value as a property. It’s hard to resist the exquisite beauty and warmth of natural wood tones, grains & knots. Here at Frazee Carpet & Flooring, we offer a wide range of high-quality hardwood flooring in various colors & species, guaranteed to last for decades.

Hardwood Features & Benefits

There’s more to hardwood flooring than good looks Hardwood floors leave a lasting impression on guests, making smaller spaces look bigger & adding warmth that suits almost any décor style or color scheme. Hardwood is also naturally stain-resistant & easy to clean & maintain, trapping no dust or pet dander.

Natural solid wood wears well and is extremely durable, making it more cost-effective in the long run because it will need to be replaced less often.

Bedroom flooring | Frazee Carpet & Flooring
Hardwood flooring | Frazee Carpet & Flooring
Hardwood flooring | Frazee Carpet & Flooring
Hardwood flooring | Frazee Carpet & Flooring

Hardwood Inspiration

Imagine our hardwood floors in your home! Get inspired by the designs in our gallery of room scenes featuring many of the flooring solutions we offer at Frazee Carpet & Flooring.

Hardwood cleaning | Frazee Carpet & Flooring


Proper care is key to ensuring a long lifespan for your hardwood floors. Use specialized hardwood cleaning products designed for a gentle clean & follow your manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

Hardwood installation | Frazee Carpet & Flooring


Frazee Carpet & Flooring are your local hardwood flooring installation experts. We’ll ensure that your floors last for many years to come. Learn what to expect from the process.